Eventos :: 1° Foro de Evaluación

Tuvo lugar en el CELE de la UNAM del 24 al 26 de agosto de 2005, organizado por Alma Ortiz y Ma. Teresa Mallén.
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Frida Díaz

Plenaria: “Evaluating tests and examinations
_what questions to ask to make sure your assessment is the best that can be produced within your context?”

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Audio de la plenaria:

Plenarista invitada: DIANNE WALL

Senior Lecturer University of Lancaster, UK.
Degree: MA (Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico), MA ELT (Lancaster), PhD (Lancaster)
Associated research centres and groups: Centre for Research in Language Education (CRILE), Language Testing Research Group (LTRG)

Research Interests
I am a specialist in language testing, with a particular interest in the development of large-scale testing systems (mainly national level), the impact of high-stakes examinations on teaching and learning, and the assessment of English for Academic Purposes.
I am also Head of Academic Research and Development at Trinity College London, an examination board that assesses English as a Foreign Language, Music, Drama and Speech, Dance and the Visual Arts.
You can read about my work at Trinity in an interview published in the EL Gazette, called 'Testing with a Human Face'.
I am co-author (with J. Charles Alderson and Caroline Clapham) of Language Testing Construction and Evaluation (Cambridge University Press, 1995) and author of The Impact of High-Stakes Examinations on Classroom Teaching: A Case Study Using Insights from Testing and Innovation Theory (Studies in Language Testing Series, Volume 22 - Cambridge ESOL and Cambridge University Press, 2005).
I was Project Director of the TOEFL Impact Study project, a 5-year project funded by Educational Testing Service. The purpose of this project was to investigate the effects of changes in the TOEFL examination on teaching Central and Eastern Europe. The results of the first two stages of this project are published on the TOEFL Research website, and the final report will be published in June 2011.
I have served as consultant and trainer to examination reform projects in the Baltic States, St Petersburg, the Slovak Republic and Croatia. I have also assisted in the construction and evaluation of examinations and the training of examination personnel for the Russian President's Management Training Initiative and the British Council Peace-keeping English Project.
I have conducted training courses and consultancies in many countries, and delivered presentations on testing-related matters at national and international conferences.
I was formerly editor of Language Testing Update, the official newsletter for the International Language Testing Association (ILTA). (with Jayanti Banerjee) I am an active member of the European Association of Language Testing and Assessment (EALTA), and a member of the EALTA Expert Panel

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